Modern Beauty in Metal

A Fresh Take on Sculptural Aesthetics and Photography

Modern Beauty in Metal: A Reinterpretation of Feminine Aesthetics and Sculptural Photography

“Modern Beauty in Metal” is a groundbreaking photo art project by Pavel Shinkarenko that reimagines the relationship between human beauty, contemporary sculpture, and photography. Drawing inspiration from Guido Argentini’s innovative use of metallic paint on human bodies and the polished metal sculptures encountered during his travels in Italy, Shinkarenko explores a unique approach to sculptural aesthetics by fusing the organic forms of the human body with inorganic metallic surfaces.

Featuring dancers as models to emphasize the plasticity of their bodies, this project showcases a diverse array of individuals, each embodying a distinct expression of beauty. Shinkarenko carefully selected three metallic paints—silver, gold, and bronze—matching them to the skin tones of the models. By doing so, he created striking images that challenge conventional ideas of sculpture and evoke a sense of freedom in artistic expression.

Paying meticulous attention to the choice of fabric for the backdrop, Shinkarenko selected a material that complements all three shades of metallic paint. The use of multiple light sources and careful positioning of models created highly reflective images, emphasizing the interplay of light and shadow on the models’ bodies. Drawing from contemporary fashion and beauty photography, Shinkarenko’s work focuses on poses that emphasize self-acceptance, inner strength, and femininity, allowing the models to be both the subject and the object of their own beauty.

Shinkarenko’s use of a low-angle perspective imbues the models with a sense of significance while preserving their femininity and fluidity. By merging metallic sculpture and frozen plasticity with modern angles and poses, “Modern Beauty in Metal” captures the essence of contemporary femininity and challenges traditional notions of beauty.

In essence, Pavel Shinkarenko’s “Modern Beauty in Metal” offers a fresh perspective on the intersection of sculpture, photography, and contemporary aesthetics. By pushing the boundaries between these artistic disciplines and giving voice to the models themselves, this project invites viewers to reconsider the ways in which we perceive and understand the feminine form in the context of modern art.