Geometric Symphony

“Geometric Symphony” is yet another innovative work from Pavel Shinkarenko’s “Human and AI Collaborative Art” project. The project unites human creativity and artificial intelligence to create a series of five abstract paintings, each accompanied by AI-generated prompts and photographs that showcase the models alongside their abstractions.

In this fourth piece, the AI system MidJourney crafted the artwork based on a Chat GPT-generated prompt, which was informed by one of the model’s responses to AI questions about herself. The result is a Cubist-style abstract portrait that vividly expresses her personality through the collaboration of multiple AI systems.

The prompt called for an acrylic painting incorporating warm, bright colors such as orange, yellow, and red combined with gentle shades of green and blue. The composition is divided into geometric figures, each representing different aspects of the model’s life, including sports, running, her pets, studies, marriage, and personal values.

The image’s geometric shapes and the interplay of curved and straight lines symbolize the energy, stability, and balance inherent to the model’s personality. “Geometric Symphony” invites viewers to explore the intricate layers of the subject’s character, demonstrating the remarkable potential of human-AI collaboration in contemporary art.