Beyond the Self: AIstructed Portraiture

In my innovative project, I blend human-AI collaboration and meta-modernist concepts to offer a fresh perspective on contemporary art. By combining photographic portraits with AI-generated abstractions, I challenge conventional artistic practices and prompt a deeper exploration of human and AI interconnectivity.

I carefully selected my models to create a diverse and inclusive representation. The project features professional dancers from Eastern Europe and Africa, as well as my wife and sister-in-law. This choice breaks the stigmatization of women in the dance and erotic show industry, showcasing their individuality and unique personalities.

The final exhibition will comprise the AI-generated questions asked to the models, their AI-produced personality descriptions, abstract AI-generated portraits, and photographs of the models against the backdrop of these abstractions. This multi-faceted presentation comprehensively explains each subject’s personality, capturing their physical and emotional essence.

I utilized generative AI technologies and high-resolution, large-format printing to create vivid images and photographs. This cutting-edge approach highlights the fusion of traditional artistic techniques with advanced technology, pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.

Throughout the development of this project, I faced the challenge of integrating AI-generated content with my artistic vision. I successfully created a harmonious balance between human creativity and artificial intelligence by experimenting with various AI systems and refining the process.

In summary, my meta-modernist project offers an exciting exploration of the collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence. By integrating artistic representation with advanced technology, my work distinguishes itself from AI-driven art. It encourages us to envision the limitless creative potential that emerges when human ingenuity and artificial intelligence join forces.